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SIGNspot is looking for Franchisees and Master Franchise

SIGNspot will have an exhibit at the Sign, Print & Pack fair in Helsinki march 14-15 2018

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Are you interested in starting your own business or already run one? You are invited to meet with SIGNspot at the fair and recieve more information about the concept first hand.

Skyltstället, in Sweden is the leading supplier of signs and visibility for corporations. We are growing, opening up new offices all over the country and the market is still far from exhausted!

Using Skyltställets portfolio there is no limit to where you are able to reach. Vi manufacture and deliver high quality sign products to any type of business.

We are looking for someone looking to work with with sign sales as their own business, someone willing to build a stable and profitable business in their own district. You will take part in a successful business model, providing a flying start and a conciderably higher potential and heavily reduced risk taking compared to starting on your own with an untested business idea.


SIGNspot is leading the field of signs and visibility for companies. Our vision is to be ”the obvious choice” of the sign players to Scandinavian entrepreneurs.

Since 2013, SIGNspot has grown with sales offices throughout Sweden and is today Sweden’s largest sign chain.

We are looking for you who wants to build a master franchise around the landmark of your country. You get part of a successful business model that gives you a flying start with significantly greater potential and less risk than starting on your own with an unbeatable business idea.

If you have any questions or wish to book a meeting during the Sign, Print & Pack fair, please contact the franchise operator:

Samuel Eriksson
+4670-236 02 88
+46243-856 00

Click for more information about the SIGNspot master franchise concept

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